5 Head Multi-function Facial Brush

5 Head Multi-function Facial Brush



5pcs functional massaging heads meet your different needs: 

– Soft brush: to clear up all the scurf clings on the surface
– Rolling massager: to make better blood circumstances from skin aging
– Make up sponge: to massage and clean skin .
– Latex sponge-soft: Latex Brush for eyes and cheeks
– Crude Polish accessory: to rip the tough skin and cutin off

1. To extend the service life of the massager, please take out batteries after every use.
2. The massager is not water-resistant, and so do not wash it with water. Please use a damp cloth to remove the dirt on its body after use, avoiding direct contact of the battery area with water.
3. Clean all the massaging heads accessories carefully with water (do not use alcohol or detergent), then air dry them.
4. Keep the unit and all the accessories out of reach of children.
5. Do not disassemble the device if not being professional.



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